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 Land Ahoy! (Open)

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PostSubject: Land Ahoy! (Open)   15/5/2012, 4:30 am

Saisha's hand trailed lightly over her beautiful ship as she stared at the pirates below her. The lookout from above called out to her, 'land ahead!' and she felt a smirk appear on her face. "Where be this land, dear friend?" She called back in a sarcastic tone. Saisha had few friends, and those who had been her friend had slowly faded away in the background until she barely knew them anymore. She flicked her hair over her shoulder and spun the wheel starboard. She was informed that they were approaching England, and she nodded her head. A pirate ship would not go down well in England, and the fact that she was aboard would only anger the English more and strip her of everything she had been working for.

"Hoist the sails, swap them around and clean yourselves up! Hide the loot, move men MOVE!" She yelled at them, and they immediately began to bustle around her. The pirate flag was exchanged for a plain white one, the loot was hidden in the secret compartment and Saisha watched no more as she disappeared into her quarter's. She donned her green dress and swept out across the ship to the edge, where she waved at the English children who waved back. They slid into the dock smoothly, and once the boat was tied up Saisha picked up her skirts and smiled sweetly at everyone as she walked down onto the docks and was greeted by a crowd of people.
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Elizabeth Swann
Pirate Lords
Pirate Lords
Elizabeth Swann

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PostSubject: Re: Land Ahoy! (Open)   18/5/2012, 6:32 am

It had been a while since Elizabeth had been in London, and she was glad to revisit. Her ship was still in Singapore as she knew there was no coverage for that ship. But she had many allies, and she had many means to get out of Singapore. Her crew and many of Singapore's illegal people had helped her build a second ship, looking like the ship of a regular civilian.

She was now walking the streets of London, her fake ship docked by the official docks, and she was walking around in a very beautiful dress, giving the impression of a very rich person. She was a very rich person, but she knew better than to walk the streets of London with money in her pockets. There were too many thieves.

She then noticed a woman waving to small children, and then a man walked towards her, slowly reaching to steal from the woman. Elizabeth narrowed her eyes and threw her umbrella at him. The man made an 'omph' sound and Elizabeth smirked victoriously, before making her look like a lady again. She walked over to the woman.

"The man was about to steal from you. I had to do something. I hope I didn't scare you," she said softly.

She looked closer at the woman. Something was a bit familiar about her. She had seen her before. She blinked. A pirate captain? And one she had had the pleasure of meeting only a few months ago.

"Of course, you would've been able to take care of him yourself, wouldn't you, BlackJack?" she whispered with a smirk.

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PostSubject: Re: Land Ahoy! (Open)   18/5/2012, 9:58 am

Saisha had to struggle not to growl at the children and slice each one's head off. She really had no patience for them, they were all annoying and strange. There was one little girl, however, who captivated her attention.

Her blonde curls were pulled into elegant braids as she wore a fancy little pink dress with frills, but this was not what interested her. The child had a dagger tucked into her boot, peeking out the top as she picked up her skirt to move forward to great her Lady Porter.

Saisha found that she liked this child as she rarely did and she placed a tender hand on the side of the girls face. She leant down and whispered into here, "Lovely dagger you've got there." Causing the little girl to wink slyly.

Saisha was all too aware of the man's hand reaching towards her, but she pretended not to notice. She grabbed one of her daggers from within a secret fold of her dress, and just as she spun around with it drawn an umbrella hit the man.

She blinked in surprise and looked at the new comer, her dagger instantly disappearing within the folds of her dress once more as she smiled warmly at the newcomer. She looked rich. "Of course not, that's quite alright," she smiled, but it was replaced with a flicker of a smirk. "Perhaps," she winked before her rich woman persona settled in once more.

"You simply must be rewarded for such an act of kindness, perhaps a spot of tea at my manor appeals to you?" Saisha inquired.
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Elizabeth Swann
Pirate Lords
Pirate Lords
Elizabeth Swann

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PostSubject: Re: Land Ahoy! (Open)   18/5/2012, 11:11 am

Elizabeth let her face fall into a proud expression again, her chin raised higher than necessary and looked kindly at Saisha BlackJack Porter. She was glad to have met this woman. The pirate was one of the only ones Elizabeth had met that didn't seem like the most busy backstabber; but Elizabeth had been wrong before, so she wasn't going to bet on that and get herself killed in the process.

"Oh, I am sure you would have done the same for me, my lady. But I will take you up on that offer. A cup of tea sounds lovely indeed," she said kindly, reaching out her arm so Saisha could lead her.

Elizabeth loved to pretend being this rich person, because once upon a time, she had been that rich girl. Now things had changed, and the short amount of times she got to do this, was happy times for her.
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PostSubject: Re: Land Ahoy! (Open)   

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Land Ahoy! (Open)
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