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Come and roam the open ocean and explore. Will you be a Pirate or a Landlubber both are welcome in this epic journey.
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 Adella - The Mermaid

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PostSubject: Adella - The Mermaid   18/5/2012, 8:09 pm

Basic Information

Name: Adella

Alias: Adella

Age: 17

Place of Birth: A dark cave somewhere in the Caribbean

Currently Located: Floating around here and there, she swimmed away from her friends and got lost some where in the east of the caribbean.

Occupation: Being a mermaid.

Group: Creatures

Light on Personality

Personality: Being a mermaid is not an easy task. Adelle should be vain, idle, arrogant, and her basic task in life would to kill men. Pirates and sailors. But she never fanced the killing. She was always more interested in them, although she never had the courage or strenght to show herself for a human, neitherless speak to one. And thinking about it she wouldn't want to either. Mermaids always speak about the horrors humans do to mermaids, and it has scared her enough to keep her way from them.

Adelle never felt like fitting in the maze, which made her quiet and nervous around others. But her heart is of gold.

Likes: She has a few human things in her possession which she is very fond of. It's a simple handmirror, a bracelet with blue saphires and a photography of a human family.

Dislikes Killing, the taste of blood and combing her hair. But even though she hates combing it she tend to do it, very often.

Looks :

Background Information

Background: Adelle only remembers from when she was fifteen, the life before that is unknown. And tend to be that way to.


(If a Pirate/Privateer/Navy/ etc...)

Ship Name:

Under Command of:

Position on ship
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Henric Sparrow

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PostSubject: Re: Adella - The Mermaid   18/5/2012, 8:15 pm

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Adella - The Mermaid
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