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 Aramis Marquart - The upper class christian

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Aramis Marquart
First Class Citizens
First Class Citizens

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PostSubject: Aramis Marquart - The upper class christian   19/5/2012, 12:24 am

Basic Information

Name: Aramis Henry Joseph Marquart, The Third.

Alias: Desmond

Age: 25

Place of Birth: New Hampshire, England.

Currently Located: England

Occupation: Studies eagerly to be a priest.

Group: Civilian

Light on Personality

Personality: Aramis loves and intrigues women, He's constantly ambitious and unsatisfied: he yearns to become an abbe, but when an abbe he wishes for the life of the soldier. He became what he is because of a woman and his arrogance, as a yound boy whos genuine ambition was to become an abbe. He had the misfortune to be caught and thrown out of a house, while innocently reading to a young woman. For several months he practised fencing, every day with the best master swordsman in town to get his revenge, And by the time he came back to confront the man who had mistreated him, he had become such an expert swordsman that the fight only lasted a couple seconds. Because duels were forbidden by royal edict and he was an novitiate, he had to disappear and adop an very low profile. Despite hid machiavllian attitude, Desmond holds very firmly to the sacred concept of friendship.

Likes: Fencing, women, praying.

Dislikes People who doesn't believe in god.

Looks :

Background Information

He grew up as an novitiate in a mannor down the road in New Hampshire. But got kicked out when he was 16. Because he did things he parents didn't think was appropriet for a young man.

Mother: Abigail Marquart
Father: Morcobus Marquart
Siblings: Three bastard brothers he doesn't know about.

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Kari Readour

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PostSubject: Re: Aramis Marquart - The upper class christian   19/5/2012, 12:35 am

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Aramis Marquart - The upper class christian
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