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 Aria (Amor) DeLuna

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PostSubject: Aria (Amor) DeLuna    14/5/2012, 12:38 am

Basic Information

Name: Aria Maria DeLuna

Alias: Amor

Age: 20

Place of Birth: Barcelona, Spain

Currently Located: Caribbean

Occupation: Training to be Captain of Siren, Pirate, Former Lady

Group: Pirate Lord/Lady

Light on Personality

Personality: Witty and sharp tongue, nothing goes over her head. She has a great sense of adventure, especially since she was raised in an upper crust society. She prefers dressing as a woman despite being on a ship surrounded by men, and takes pride. She actually acts like a man in her gowns, drinking them under the table and telling as bad jokes as they do.

Likes: Men, Joking, Flirting, Drinking, Adventuring, Power

Dislikes Weakness, tears, vulnerability, shyness, (All of these from herself)

Looks :

Background Information

Background: Born in Barcelona, Spain, her father had disappeared the moment she was born, after all she was not a male. Her mother named her Aria for the song of one accompaniment, representing herself within her daughter's name. Her mother, mourning the loss of her husband made herself out to be a widow so she would not become an outcast of society. Her mother quickly remarried into the Family DeLuna in which Aria was raised in. Aria never knew that her father was Black Bart and took Barnabas, her stepfather as her very own father. She walked, talked and graced her presence as a total lady. She had learned everything that came with her society, as expected from a girl her age.

At the age of fifteen at the edge of a beach of San Sebastian, Spain, a pillage occurred during a social event. Screaming and crying was heard overhead and her mother nearly had a fainting spell as she saw someone there. She tugged Aria along and as she did, they were stopped by some of the pirates. She turned around and came face to face with a tall man. He immediately took hold of her and she cried out in pain. Her mother immediately took the sword and pointed it towards him. He merely took the rapier as if nothing and asked her who Aria. She lied saying that she was a servant lady of hers, but Black Bart knew better. He immediately told Aria the truth, and that he figured she was old enough to now sail on his ship. Her mother refused to allow it, but she was given no attention as her father took her by force.

She never got to say goodbye to her mother, and while on ship she resented her father greatly. Her manners were greatly exaggerated to pester him, but once she did finally learn his story she felt some sort of compassion for him. He was alone in the waters with no one to care, and she, she decided to take care of her father and learn the tricks of the trade.

At the age of eighteen her father asked her to work her way up and train to be a Captain herself so she could take over when he would retire with his riches. She aided him with the pillage of Mistress Ching's ship and all her riches. Her father easily took her life and took the position as Pirate Lord. While she felt a bit of guilt over her assistance, she began to appreciate the art of piracy. A year later, her father gave her the position of Pirate Lady so long as she won him in a sword duel, she took all the lessons he had ever given her and immediately took the position after an arduous battle. The ships are still under his command but she is manning it along side him with her own ship "Siren"

Mother: Musa DeLuna
Father: Black Bart (Bartholomew Roberts) / Step-Father: Barnabas DeLuna
Siblings: None that she knows of
Spouse: N/A

(If a Pirate/Privateer/Navy/ etc...)

Ship Name:

Rover - Merchant
Sea King - Brigantine
Royal Fortune - Brigantine
Royal Fortune - Sloop
Royal Fortune - Frigate
Siren - Aria's Personal Ship

Under Command of: Aria

Position on ship Captain of Siren
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PostSubject: Re: Aria (Amor) DeLuna    14/5/2012, 10:00 am

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Aria (Amor) DeLuna
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