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 Cera Banderas [Complete]

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Cera Banderas


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PostSubject: Cera Banderas [Complete]   21/5/2012, 3:30 am

Basic Information

Name: Cera Banderas

Alias: Antonio Banderas

Age: 25

Place of Birth: Spain

Currently Located: Spain

Occupation: Pirate


Light on Personality

Personality: Cera is brave, rash, and sometimes cruel. Despite the name of her ship, the Chesty Cat, she isn't as funny as one would think. She has a longer fuse on her temper bomb, but she's still angered easily. She hates those that think they can get whatever they want with a flutter of their eyelashes or the snap of their fingers. She can be kind, when she is in the presence of children, but she is generally more cruel than not.

Likes: Sailing, Swimming, Sword-Fighting, Finding Treasure, Women, Men, Children, Mermaids, Other mythical creatures. Cats. Smoking a pipe. Drinking.

Dislikes: Being on the land for long periods of time, Royalty, Snobby heirs, Going without adventure, Adults generally, her past. Dogs.

Looks :

Background Information

Background: From the time Cera was a little girl, she has been sailing on boats. Her mother was one of the fiercest pirates in the world until she passed away in a ship wreck, leaving Cera to be one of the few survivors. Her father was told that a pirate ship had attacked her mother's fishing boat and he consequently believed the story.
Antonio was once tempted by the pirates life as well, and he would have made a great one too had he not fallen for the idea of having a family. He met Maria and he was pulled from the ocean, something he'd grown up loving. He got her pregnant and he settled down into his hometown in Spain. They had their child there in Spain and while Antonio stayed there during Cera's toddler years to care for her and the house, Maria left to wander the seas that Antonio had tempted her to.
When Cera was about fourteen, Antonio moved her to India so that they would not be reminded of Maria's death. But no matter what, he couldn't keep her away from the sea. Even though he attempted to make her a maiden of the land, she was destined to follow her mother out into the bowels of the sea.
When Cera left and joined up on the Black Pearl, years ago when she was only sixteen, her father left out for sea to find her and bring her home. At the end of her journey on the BP, she returned home for a while, though finding it lonely without her father. She soon grew to be a lonely woman at the young ripe age of twenty one. Her father came home soon enough, finding her working as a fisherman like her mother had.
Antonio was dying when he arrived home, and he was exhausted from the years of sea travel. He had gained a few ship mates that had claimed piratism. He'd lost one of his eyes and he wore an eye patch. He gave off the feel of that great pirate captain that Cera wanted to be. Her father told her about his adventures, how he'd turned himself into a captain of a pirate ship just to find her. He'd hoped his small publicity as the Pirate Captain Antonio Banderas would draw her back in to find him, but his attempt had been unsuccessful as most other attempts had been. He didn't live much longer after that, leaving Cera to grow cold and cruel as she watched her father die in her lap. She vowed that she would return her life to the sea, where her father had wasted away. She took over his ship, the Slutty Bandit, and changed it's name to the Chesty Cat. She took her father's name as an alias so that she may recruit pirates that would follow a man over a woman and forced a partnership with everyone that joined. She has, since her twenty second year, been captain of the Chesty Cat.

Mother: Maria Banderas
Father: Atonio Banderas
Siblings: None
Spouse: None

(If a Pirate/Privateer/Navy/ etc...)

Ship Name: The Chesty Cat

Under Command of: Cera Banderas

Position on ship: Captain
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Kari Readour

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PostSubject: Re: Cera Banderas [Complete]   22/5/2012, 8:31 pm

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Cera Banderas [Complete]
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