Pirates of the Caribbean

Come and roam the open ocean and explore. Will you be a Pirate or a Landlubber both are welcome in this epic journey.
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     Helena ''Lightning'' Jay

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    Helena Jay
    Pirate Lords
    Pirate Lords
    Helena Jay

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    PostSubject: Helena ''Lightning'' Jay   14/5/2012, 2:31 am

    Basic Information

    Name: Helena Elizabeth Jay

    Alias: Lightning

    Age: 23

    Place of Birth: London, England

    Currently Located: Caribean

    Occupation: Captian of the ship Dust, former lady.

    Group: Pirate captian pirate lady of the Caspian sea

    Light on Personality

    Personality: Helena is very dark and is very secretive she doesn't hardly trust anyone but erslf and those close to her and she is very sarcastic and very serious.

    Likes: Reading, writing, fighting, respect.

    Dislikes snobs, disrespect, rudeness.

    Looks :

    Background Information

    Background: Helena grew up in a rich family and had always loved sailing the seas even though her father and mother said it was un lady like, Helena didn't care she loved that she was different and not like the other girls, when Helena grew up she decided to use the alias ''Lightning'' she has a reason for chosing that alias she alway's says it no one knows her real name except those closest o her which is hardly anyone. A lot of people think she's snobby and rude whoch isn't true if she doesn't know you she can be very rude but if you get to know her she's actually not snobby or rude she hates her father because he wanted her to be a dutchess which she didn't want. as soon as Helen was old enough she bought her a ship and crew she decided to name it Dust because of it's grey dusty color Helena had gone to a meeting once and they were debating on who to make the pirate lord/lady of the Caspian sea when on of the pirates nominated her and everyone else agreed Helena was shocked but still takes being the Pirate lady of the Caspian sea very seriously.

    Mother: Claire Jay
    Father: Luca Jay
    Siblings: none
    Spouse: none

    (If a Pirate/Privateer/Navy/ etc...)

    Ship Name: Dust

    Under Command of: Lightning Jay

    Position on ship Captain

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    PostSubject: Re: Helena ''Lightning'' Jay   14/5/2012, 2:55 am

    How are you a pirate lord/lady?

    What area are you a pirate lord/lady of?

    Please read this thread:

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    PostSubject: Re: Helena ''Lightning'' Jay   14/5/2012, 8:50 pm

    Since Hector Barbossa is no longer a Pirate Lord but rather a Privateer, Approved

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    PostSubject: Re: Helena ''Lightning'' Jay   

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    Helena ''Lightning'' Jay
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