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 Captain Jack Sparrow

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Captain Jack Sparrow
Pirate Lords
Pirate Lords
Captain Jack Sparrow

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PostSubject: Captain Jack Sparrow   Captain Jack Sparrow I_icon_minitime26/5/2012, 5:58 pm

Basic Information

Name:Captain Jack Sparrow


Age: 26

Place of Birth:London, England

Currently Located: The Caribbean Sea

Occupation:Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea

Group: Pirate Lord

Light on Personality

Personality: Jack can be a mean cut throat pirate at times, but then can be calm too. He disowned his family a long time ago when he took the life of a pirate at the age of 14. He wanted out of the life he was living, and he enjoyed the sea.

Likes:Women, Rum, Women, Rum, Pirating, Gold

Dislikeshis brother,

Looks : ( Description Or image is fine)

Background Information

Background: Jack left home at the age of 14 because that is what he thought his brother would want. His family always looked up to Jack because he always wanted to be a pirate while his brother did not. So to save his brother he left. He has been on the sea's ever since and does not even tell anyone that he has a brother.

He found it interesting when he discovered that his brother was the Governor or the islands he loved best, but he tried to stay out of his brother way. He was just glad no one ever thought about the two having the same name. The one time someone asked Jack just shot him and no one has asked since.

Mother:Sacha Sparrow
Father:Jared Sparrow
Siblings:Henric Sparrow

(If a Pirate/Privateer/Navy/ etc...)

Ship Name: The Black Pearl

Under Command of: Captain Jack Sparrow

Position on ship Captain
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Kari Readour
Kari Readour

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PostSubject: Re: Captain Jack Sparrow   Captain Jack Sparrow I_icon_minitime26/5/2012, 6:06 pm

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Captain Jack Sparrow
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